Yampa River Mapping Project

2017 Web Site Slides - Yampa River

Measuring depth and velocity in large rivers is challenging; traditional survey techniques are time consuming and may not be practical during some flow conditions. Advanced hydrology equipment and processing techniques can speed data collection, expand spatial coverage, and improve project results. OneFish used these methods to map a 2 mile stretch of the Yampa River west of Steamboat Springs, Colorado. A stream restoration project is underway to improve habitat, particularly in the area around an irrigation diversion. Survey data was required throughout the study area, but could not be obtained using traditional techniques due to deep water and high velocity.

    • Data collected using 2 acoustic Doppler current profilers (ADCPs) over the span of 2 days

    • Bathymetry corrected for the slope of the river and changing flow conditions

    • Data processed using proprietary WaterCube technology to provide a complete grid of depth and velocity over the entire 2 mile study reach

    • Cross sectional profiles generated at 5 foot intervals down the length of the river

    • Data outputs provided to integrate with survey, modeling and stream restoration requirements

    • Project completed in 2016

    • Project owners

      • Flywater, Inc.

      • The Nature Conservancy