Beaver Creek Instream Flow Study

2017 Web Site Slides - Beaver Creek

Beaver Creek is a tributary to the Henry's Fork of the Green River, about 30 miles west of Flaming Gorge Reservoir in Western Wyoming. Beaver Creek provides excellent spawning habitat for cutthroat trout, but low flows and high temperatures during late summer negatively impact conditions in the stream. OneFish conducted an instream flow study to determine if a NDA (Non Diversion Agreement) could be used to improve habitat conditions for cutthroat trout.

    • Installed 4 flow and temperature monitoring stations

    • Stations operated for 5 months to cover the full irrigation season

    • 4 calibration visits to develop discharge ratings

    • Data processing and analysis determined that a small change to diversion practices could be used during the late season to reduce stream temperatures and improve late season habitat conditions

    • Project completed in 2014

    • Project owner

      • Trout Unlimited