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OneFish Engineering, LLC, is a specialized company that works to help improve how rivers are managed in the Mountain West region. Rivers today are under ever increasing pressure, and the need for water can compete with the goal of improving the health of the river. Many groups have a stake in this debate: government agencies, water managers, irrigation companies, and natural resource professionals. Each of these groups has their own perspective, and their own very valid concerns.

OneFish understands the multiple perspectives of the groups that will be involved in any given project. We are dedicated to serving our client’s needs, and to designing projects that meet the concerns of all stakeholders. We focus on the fields of Fish Passage, Fish Screening, and Hydrology, and have extensive experience far beyond more general engineering firms. This experience provides better solutions, in a shorter time, and for less money.

Please browse our site further to learn more about the services that OneFish can provide, and view some of the Example Projects we have completed in recent years. Feel free to Contact us to learn more about how OneFish can help.