Fish Screening

2017 Web Site Slides - Fish Screen

Fish screens are designed to prevent fish from leaving the river as water is being diverted; once fish leave the river they are typically unable to return and will be lost to the system. A fish screen must be designed to both protect the fish from entrainment and to manage the debris that is carried along with the water. There are many screen types available, each with their own strengths and weaknesses. OneFish has worked with all of these, and is able to select the best design for any given site.

Some of the more common types of fish screens include:

    • Traveling belt screens (vertical or horizontal)

    • Vertical flat plate screens

    • Rotating drum screens

    • Cone or tee screens

    • Farmers (horizontal flat plate) screens

    • Corrugated water screens

    • Coanda screens

Please visit the following pages to see some example fish screen projects.