Gaylor Warnock Irrigation Efficiency Study

2017 Web Site Slides - Gaylor Warnock

The Gaylor Warnock canal diverts water from the Middle Fork of the Popo Agie River near Lander, Wyoming. OneFish conducted an irrigation efficiency study on the Gaylor Warnock to identify where water losses were occurring. The goal of the project is to make improvements to the canal that will reduce water losses and may allow additional water to remain in the river, improving habitat conditions. Results of the study will be used to focus efforts where they will provide the most benefit.

    • Installed and operated 10 flow monitoring stations along the length of the canal

    • Stations operated for 3 months covering the entire irrigation season

    • 5 calibration visits to develop ratings for each site

    • Canal losses documented for 8 sections of the canal to determine where improvements will have the greatest impact

    • Project completed in 2016

    • Project owners

      • The Nature Conservancy

      • Gaylor Warnock Ditch Company