Example Projects

A few of our recent projects are listed below.  To learn more about a particular project, or about other projects OneFish has completed, please Contact us directly.

Fish Passage Projects

        • Removal of unused measurement weir
        • Restoration of 100 yards of stream
        • Reconnected 8 miles of stream
        • Southern Wyoming
        • Vertical slot ladder through an existing culvert
        • Passage for cutthroat trout
        • Northern Colorado
        • Vertical slot ladder
        • Modular metal design for installation in long culvert
        • Northern Utah
SubAgency Fish Ladder
        • Dual vertical slot ladder
        • Passage for a variety of native fish species
        • Central Wyoming
        • Isolated a strentch of river to protect native species
        • Southern Wyoming

Fish Screening Projects

        • Cone screen
        • 45 cfs diversion
        • Southwestern Wyoming
        • Rotating drum screen
        • 24 cfs diversion
        • Northeastern Wyoming
        • Vertical traveling belt screen
        • 300 cfs diversion
        • Central Wyoming

Fish Passage and Screening Projects

        • Roughened ramp fish ladder and cone screen
        • Concrete and metal construction
        • Northern Colorado
Hydrology Studies and Projects

        • 5 month study with 4 flow/temperature monitoring stations
        • Evaluating if reduced irrigation diversions could be used to improve habitat conditions
        • Southwestern Wyoming
        • 3 month study with 10 flow monitoring stations
        • Measuring losses in canal to determine best target for canal improvements
        • Central Wyoming
        • 3 permanent gauging stations on irrigation canals
        • 2 velocity index sites and 1 Parshall flume
        • Real time telemetry and remote data access
        • 2 miles of river mapped 
        • Complete database of depth and velocity on 3 foot grid
        • Data used to support hydraulic modeling and river restoration