What We Do

OneFish focuses on the interaction of water use and river habitat. We are based in Fort Collins, Colorado and work throughout the Mountain West region.  We have completed projects in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. OneFish specializes in the fields of fish passage, fish screening, and hydrologic measurements. 

Fish Passage is primarily focused on allowing fish to move upstream past barriers in the river, reconnecting different sections of the river. In some cases, resource professionals may want to introduce intentional barriers to passage in order to protect native fish from invasive species. 

Fish Screening is designed to prevent fish from leaving the river with diverted water, most commonly into irrigation canals. Fish that leave the river are often lost to the system, and fish screens can have prevent this loss to improve fishery health. 

Hydrologic Measurements are more complex and difficult than most people appreciate. Accurately and reliably measuring depths, velocities, flows and other critical data require sophisticated equipment and the expertise to apply it to the specific goals of any given project.